Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome (2 mins)

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  • 02

    Terminology (5 mins)

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    • Key terminology

    • Profit and Loss Statement - Terminology pdf

    • Sales

    • Cost of Sales

    • Gross Profit Margin

    • Resourcing

    • Overheads

    • Profit

  • 03

    1. Hourly Base Rate (7 mins)

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    • Overview: (7 mins)

  • 04

    2. Project Rate (7 mins)

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    • Overview Project Rate (7 mins)

  • 05

    3. Retainer Rate (8 mins)

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    • Overview: Retainer Rate (8 mins)


Kathryn Williams Bio:

Kathryn is the go-to finance guru for Australia's peak industry bodies and creative agencies. She is an internationally experienced business and financial consultant, mentor, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. Kathryn liaises closely with industry councils, is involved in benchmark studies, and is the creator of signature keynotes: The Money Wheel® and How To Sell Your Ideas™; and perennial Show Me The Money® workshop. Working in the field with a multitude of agencies of different disciplines across Australia and Europe, Kathryn sees how the industry is really performing, accumulating a volume of experiences which grow her skills, knowledge, competency, adding great value to her consultancy and training offering. Kathryn is the author of Harvard University 'Trademark'; Markup and Margin; Value Pricing; Revenue Models booklets, and soon-to-be-released Sell Your Ideas™ book. An articulate and vibrant speaker about commercialising creative ideas, acquired from her global experience in chartered accounting, marketing, and the communications sector.

Kathryn Williams

Managing Director


Kathryn Williams Bio:


“I am a small business owner and I spent two days with Kathryn's Mint attending "The Money Wheel” course which was an eye opener for me. Kathryn armed me with valuable industry knowledge which will help me grow my business - and left me in no doubt about what financial systems and processes I need to implement to help me make decent profits across my client base - and, most importantly, the routines I need to follow to maintain them. Kathryn has been helping me work "on" the business since its early days, having sowed the seeds of how to financially manage it - and I look forward to continuing to take my business to the next level with her trusted guidance. Thanks again Kathryn! ”

Communications Agency


“"The Money Wheel" workshop has shown me the light in terms of valuing and protecting my business and the exceptional work that we do.   Overall I completed the course feeling that I have the tools necessary to lead us towards greater business growth and a higher level of professionalism - thank you Kathryn's Mint!   ”

Design Agency

Group Account Director

“"When I attended "The Money Wheel" workshop I knew immediately that my team needed this same information. We have amazing creative people in our Agency and what they do for our clients is why our clients pay us and it's how we have built a successful business. When the whole team understand the foundations of rates and the Agency business, it will have a major impact on the way we do wheat we do. Having an online version of "The Money Wheel" program is invaluable”